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W. H. Margetson's illustration for Legends of King Arthur and His Knights by James Knowles.

Morgana takes your breath away. It is difficult to describe her beauty, but Angelina Jolie at her most sumptuous best could go close. But as everyone knows, beauty is only skin deep and what lay beneath the beauty of Morgana? Under her beauty lie powers that can only be matched by the magic of Merlin. But could Morgana match his purity and integrity? Or could she match the innocence of Arthur or his moral strength? Neither of these would be likely because at the core of Morgana was a wellspring of evil. Beauty and evil are a dangerous mix and, in this story, they have tragic results.

In the last blog, I wrote about Moloch who had a close association with the vile practice of sacrificing infant children by burning them alive as a gift to the insatiable god, Baal. Morgana, who was previously Dido the queen of Carthage, encouraged these satanic rites and the defilement and murder of babies.

As Morgana, she will be reborn as the eldest daughter of Gorlois, the violent and abusive warlord of Cornwall and Ygern, his beautiful wife, she whose hair was the colour of ice. Morgana and her sister, Morgause, were sent away to Glastonbury to board in a convent to protect them for their father. When she was about six, her mischievous magic caused problems, and she was placed under the dark thumb of a Druidic priestess.

Around the same time, her mother met and fell in love with Uther Pendragon, and under Merlin’s protection, they had a romantic tryst which resulted in the conception of her half-brother, Arthur. A handsome boy with black hair and pale blue eyes, his beauty will grow to be matched only by Morgana’s.

By age six, Arthur is sent by his parents to be fostered by a Welsh king, Ectoris Coel often called Old King Cole. There, he will learn the crafts of managing a state, and the military skills he will need to defend Britannia.

When he was about sixteen, enjoying a summer holiday, he went swimming at the Roman fort of Caerleon. Between laps, he sees a beautiful woman, dressed in emerald green, who stands there watching him intently. She is consciously crafting the seduction of her unsuspecting brother who she will defile in incest. Merlin, Arthur’s usual guardian, is away but, as you would expect, he has left his protégé well protected by a web of complex spells. But the twenty-one-year-old enchantress easily countermands them all and seduces the boy who had last seen her as a five-year-old. Morgana leaves the exhausted future king before dawn and despite his long search to find this mysterious woman he would not see her again for over fifteen years. Morgana would then misrepresent to Arthur the offspring of their incestuous encounter as his nephew sired by her husband King Lot of Scotland. It seems this boy wanted to be a Knight of the Round Table. It was Merlin who tells Arthur later that this youth was both his son and his nephew, a boy called Modred, a boy who had been brought up by his mother with only one purpose in his life: to kill his father, the king.

For over a decade King Arthur was seldom out of Merlin’s sight because he, better than other anyone else, understood the treachery of Morgana. That was until the battle of Camlann near Bath where Modred, finally got his opportunity. He drew his broadsword and fatally stabs his father, the king, and every Knight of the Round Table retaliates instantly by slashing Modred until he drowns in his blood.

Immediately, Merlin knew what had happened because all he can hear is the laughter of a delighted Morgana. Distraught, he lets out a howl of pain. Morgana will die. He will deliver her to the cruel Danes who will tie her to a tree and eviscerate her while she is still alive.

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