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As the mother of Emilia, an archaeologist, says: ‘Lies have a way of digging themselves out of graves.’

And secrets will always breed lies to cover their footprints. Being the chronicler and the balladeer of the lives of both Uther and Arthur I buried their truths. And you have the right to ask why? I was the one who had to bury and rebury the bodies of the kings Aurelius, Uther and Arthur and protect their graves from being desecrated by their enemies, be they be the invaders, or the treasure hunters or by the Darkness itself .

I lied for good reasons and I was so successful that not even your archaeologists have found them over fifteen centuries later. Emilia and Tobias convinced me it is time for these important Britons to stop being legends and start being history and for that to happen I must enjoy the delight of telling the truth. All the mystery I created to cloak the circumstances of the conception of Christian heroes like Arthur now has to be stripped away. In my time lust was not valued or encouraged by the Christian Church in the way it was prized by Druids and Britons. 


You will notice that I began this chronicle, by telling you where I will die and where I will be buried. I even reveal where I was born and if you believed my legend that my mother was a nun and my father was a devil then once you have read a few of my tales you will know whether that was really the truth or not.


My secrets will not only be treasure maps for your grave diggers, they will also tell you how to see your enemy advancing from three valleys away. In them, I will show you how to be a magician and how to shape shift. But my secrets will cover other mysteries, as well, that will stretch over the series of five books. I will reveal whether Our Lord walked on my land, where Arthur was born, where  Camelot was, who Morgana was and this is the favourite of Tobias:  how we discovered the secret of the monster of Loch Ness. And many, many more. These are just hints. If you are the first to find and name all my secrets in this first tale A Darker Magic This Way Comes I will greet you, by name, in my next book, The Curse of the Dragon Kings. Further details on how to enter will be revealed on my xxx birthday NovemberXXXX 2016

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