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I pray, night and day, Ranchor, that you are in good health and here in Betys-y-Coed I make obeisance to God that you are not too burdened by this task and able to receive my gryphon. She brings another mural of myself flying the skytracks over Dartmoor and I am garbed in the robe I wore when I battled Moloch. A light should come from my eyes to show where he cringes in the west. My edicts to you on this parchment are to sit under the pommel of the sword of blue enamel. If it pleases you to finish the rest of the mural in this way and to show my notes on my oaken staff and the sword of blue enamel.

You ask me why Emilia is not on the cover. When she is in my presence I cannot take my eyes from her, such is her beauty, but she does not like the way I draw her. I draw in the Roman style which she says reveals too much of her. To which I argue that is the only manner I can draw a goddess, but I do worry that I will attract the Darkness itself again to her Light and she says she is happy to leave the cover to my antics. 

My Thanks 


Ambrosius Marcus Cotta

Merlin's Secrets


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