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A Darker Magic This Way Comes has received honorable mentions in the Young Adult category in three of the major city award festivals held in the United States. Thousands of books are submitted to these festivals on a yearly basis. 

A portal between modern day and Arthurian Britain has mysteriously opened bringing Merlin, a handsome young magician with all his ancient knowledge and powerful gifts into the life of Emily Hughes a bright and headstrong high school student in Exeter, England. 

Emily, though she doesn't know it, is believed to be the 'Chosen One' and must travel with Merlin through the realms to combat the evil shape-shifting sorceress Morgana and the Prince of Darkness, Moloch. The teenagers share an intense and uncanny bond that sets

in motion a chain of events that will change their lives. Theirs is a forbidden love destined to end in grief and destruction. Only together can they turn the hand of fate.  

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