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Dolossus: a male fox whose name means ‘crafty’. He was hand-raised by Merlin since he was a pup and Merlin sends him on special or dangerous assignments. As with all of his animals, Merlin can move into his consciousness and see the world as Dolossus sees it wherever his fox  is on assignment.

Crook: a male black and grey jackdaw who resides on Merlin’s left shoulder. Despite his crippled leg, he works constantly with Merlin.

Mot: a giant female bat used as transport by Morgana but unfortunately she has been deliberately infested with rabies. She adores Toby who has to constantly avoid her kisses, not to avoid infection because I have not told him she was rabid but because he thinks its inappropriate affection

Merlin: a large female falcon, a merlin, who resides on Merlin’s right shoulder. She has strange orange eyes and Merlin is, of course, called after her, rather than the other way around.

Kelso: a bird-obsessed, orange and white Brittany spaniel who is totally faithful and protective of Emily.

Roget: Emily’s Australian long-necked turtle who lives in a terrarium at night and spends the day in Emily’s bra.

Squeak Primo & Squeak Secondus:

a pair of mice who live, most of the time, somewhere below Merlin’s shoulders, but above his feet.

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