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A Darker Magic This Way Comes is the first tale in Merlin's Secrets. It is an epic story of love and war, knights and wizardry, angels and demons, death and rebirth and the cosmic clash between the Dark and the Light.    It catches readers’ imagination by retelling the legend from two points of view that of Merlin, who is like a Leonardo da Vinci with a wand and Emily, a laughing gifted girl from today's Devon who keeps the trickster honest.


They write to inspire the returning Arthur with his knights and their ladies who will be reborn soon in our time but not if Moloch, the Prince of Lies or Morgana, a sorceress of immense power can possibly prevent it. Throughout the century of Merlin’s Secrets Emily and Merlin swap the storytelling role to give us both contemporary and historical insights into the characters, into the novel’s fast-paced action and into their problematic love affair.  In this first book, the young lovers engage with the evil of Moloch and Morgana when Emily, the Chosen One, is abducted.  Chosen for what?  She has to find the answer in this exhilarating mix of adventure, myth, and magic where nothing is as it first seems.

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